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neon blue by friends-are-4ever

Its very simple, but in the good way. I've never seen anything like this, just the word neon in neon. I love how both N's are bolted do...


The city seemed to produce a particular beat that day unlike any other.  A beat that one could bop their head to then hum the catchy tune.  The kind of tune that would be stuck in your head the whole day.  That was exactly what was coming out of the loud speakers hidden in the bushes of the shopping mall.  The reflections of every passerby glimmered on the display windows only to quickly vanish as soon as they walked away.  Even the palm trees swayed to the music as a light breeze pulled at the hair of women.  The city was bustling, as usual; children were playing, adults were talking and working, elders feeding the birds.      

This hit, that ice cold
Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold
This one for them hood girls
Them good girls straight masterpieces

It was a smooth rhythm, kind of bouncy, perhaps someone older would call it “groovy”. But he wasn’t very old, in appearance that is.  Sure, he was a country, that made him old, but he was stylish despite the fact.  He stopped at one of the display windows, looking himself over.  He contemplated his looks for a moment.  His hands in his jet black tight jean pockets, his light pink polo shirt with a pocket near the upper right chest and the collar pulled way up, his black oval-shaped shades, his blonde bob hair combed and neat.  He looked good.  This caused him to grin and wink at his reflection.

 Stylin', whilen, livin' it up in the city
Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent
Got kiss myself, I'm so pretty

He continued walking down the brick paved road, winking at every other women and making a clicking sound to get their attention, then making a gun with his hands and saying “Bang!” To get their attention.

I'm too hot (hot damn)
Called a police and a fireman
I'm too hot (hot damn)
Make a dragon wanna retire man.

You were on the other side of the shopping mall, impatiently waiting for your date; why was he taking so long?  Why were you even waiting?  You yawned and stretched, out of the corner of your eye you saw him.  He was walking to some non-existent beat; but somehow it hypnotized you.  He did look good.  You smiled and waited for him to come to your side.  

“Hey Poland” you waved eagerly, your voice raising in a flirty tone.  He paused and looked down at you, “Girl hit your hallelujah.” He winked, leaving you absolutely dumbstruck.  What in the world did that mean?  You decided to blow that off and walk with him, “So Poland”, you started but were quickly interrupted by his ridiculous singing, “Come on, dance, jump on it. If you sexy then flaunt it.  If you freaky then own it.  Don't brag about it, come show me.”  He peered at you from under his shade.

 He grabbed your hands and dipped you, his glasses fell to the floor.  Hi beautiful sea green eyes hypnotizing and teasing you.  “Come on pretty lady”, he smirked then moved his mouth toward your ear and whispered in it.  He has finally stopped singing, this caused relief for you knew he was embarrassing himself.  But as soon as he closed in on your ear you froze.  “A pretty lady like you should be mine.”  

By now he had drawn a crowd of onlookers; some were routing for him screaming, “Come on” and “Kiss the girl already”.  Others weren’t too sure as to what was going on.  But, like a gentleman (or something along those lines) he obeyed the shouting crowd and lifted your chin up to meet his eyes.  “Come on pretty lady” he moved in closer, “Just one kiss”.  Before you had time to comply you found his lips on yours.  You also found yourself kissing back.  

This had to have been a dream, right?  The crowd was cheering wildly, but all you could here was white noise and his voice.  “Hey pretty lady.”  He pulled away much to your dismay and set you back down on your feet.  “How about you be mine, forever.” He sat down upon one knee and held a small black felt box in his hand.  You knew what this meant.  Was this his plan all along?  Was he acting so ridiculous to get your attention?  To make this special?  To make you smile?  Whatever the reason, you were smiling and you knew that absolutely nothing could make you lose that smile.
It wasn’t a sunny day, that’s for sure; then again, was it ever sunny around the Phantomhive mansion.  Even the roses seemed depressed.  The whole manor resonated an aura of darkness and despair.  No, it was far beyond despair; it was revenge and you loved the feel of it.

You knew everything about the elusive Ciel Phantomhive, from his favorite food to his bed time.  Why?  Because you were a paid mercenary, born murderer, a cold blooded killer, and you were sent in to kill him by an anonymous source.

It didn’t matter who, what, when, where, or how, as long as you received payment by the end of the day that’s all that mattered.  You adored the smell of blood, the color, the texture, even the word blood excited you.  Back home in Russia you were taught only the strong survive, and that was the lesson that guided you all though out life.  After watching your parents be brutally murdered, you were picked up by a mercenary group.  Life went on, and you lived mission after mission without a scratch on you.  

The mission was simple: disguise yourself as a maid and infiltrate the Phantomhive manor, then, when in sight, kill Ciel Phantomhive on the spot.  Nothing you couldn’t handle.

As you approached the massive mansion you looked at yourself in disgust; you were wearing a clean white maid’s dress with a bright pink smock, absolutely disgusting.  But it was all part of the job, you swallowed your pride and made you way into the manor, putting on your innocent maid act, your eyes fluttered kindly your smile sincere.  However on the inside you were you were laughing manically.  A shiver of excitement ran down your spin.  It was time to put your brilliant plan into action.

A shabby looking maid, a scruffy looking chef, a childish gardener, and a devilishly handsome butler.  None of them could even come close to your strength this caused your confidence to rise up tremendously, making you cocky.  Although the butler hypnotized you, his piercing red eyes caused your pupils to widen.  No, now wasn’t the time to be goggling over some man.  Now was the time for murder.

“You’re (f/n), I presume.” Declared the eye-patched navy haired boy, “Sebastian, assign her to her work.” The boy demanded.  A moment passed, the butler smiled, “Yes, my lord.” The butler bowed respectfully and made his way over to you, his dazzling smile almost melted your heart.  No, focus.  You curtsied innocently and followed him to your working station.

“So Miss (l/n) I hope you find everything in the manor to your liking.”  You couldn’t see his face, but for some reason you knew he was smiling, smirking even.  How odd.  “This is where you’ll be working” He gestured to a large room with an elegant bed and wondrous blue curtains.  “This is the Young Master’s room” He added.  Could this job get any easier?  He then walked away in great strides, the stopped and turned around, his face enchanted you, “I’m Sebastian Michaelis.  A pleasure.”  “Y-Yes, thank you” you stuttered out as he left.  

No no no, snap out of it; why were you acting like this?  Never mind.  Time to get to work.  After a day of obnoxious labor everyone settled into to bed.  It was time to really get to work.  

You crept ever so softly toward Ciel’s room, making sure to not even wake a mouse.  You crept silently through the long dark halls with a broad grin on your face.  You finally reached his door and moved your hand toward the door handle when something shot out from behind you, covering your mouth pulling you back with great force.  You couldn’t even turn around.  

At this point you gave up the struggle, after about a minute of kicking and throwing wild punches you decided to wait until you had a proper chance to attack your assailant.  One things for sure, you knew your kidnapper was wearing white silk gloves.

Suddenly you were pushed to the floor and pinned on the cold tile bathroom ground like a trapped animal.  “Miss (l/n), I expected better techniques out of you.  Did you think this would be a simple job?”  You then looked up and saw the stunning man himself, removing his jacket and pulling off his gloves with his teeth.  It was the hypnotic, lovely, and gorgeous Sebastian.  “I don’t enjoy killing women, but I do whatever it takes to keep the young master safe.”  After finishing that sentence he lunged at you with a knife and, miraculously, you were able to avoid it.  This battle would be a struggle.  He moved so quickly he didn’t seem human.  He lunged at you again, forcing you to run toward the bathtub where you lost your balance and fell in.

Instead off falling into the tub and cracking your head open on the hard material, you found yourself falling into a tub full of fluff and the sound of meowing and hissing.  What in the world is this?  You lifted yourself out of the tub with great effort and noticed that you were surrounded by cats of all colors and shapes.  Sebastian was frozen there, unable to move.  He was only able to look at the cats in adoration.  A long while of silence.  Then the question finally came out of your mouth, “Why are there cats in the tub?” you were puzzled.

He seemed a little embarrassed.  Why did he seem embarrassed?  “Sebastian” You heard Ciel calling.  You turned back to Sebastian to notice he looked very worried.  He then turned his head to you, his jet black hair moved as he did so.  His face then changed drastically.  His worried face transformed into a handsome spin tingling gaze.  “Alright my little kitty.”  Was he referring to you?  Yes, he defiantly was, because he was holding your chin gently in between his fingers and pulling you up to face his hypnotic, dazzling, gorgeous, fantastic eyes.  “You keep this our little secret” he whispered leaning close to your ear, his cold breathe running down your neck.  “Sebastian!”  Ciel demanded.  “I must go now my little kitty.”  His lips were so close to yours you could taste them, he smiled that devilish smile and stood up.  “How about you join me for tea tomorrow, little kitty.”  He quietly left the bathroom as if he were never there, making sure every possible trace of him was gone, leaving you stunned, cheeks flushed, on the bathroom floor.

After a while you regained consciousness and smirked widely.  This wouldn’t be any ordinary job.  Oh no.  You’d be battling one hell of a handsome butler.
Tick, tock, tick, tock.  Why was the clock so lethargic?  Why was this class so obnoxious?  It wasn’t even a class; you weren’t in school.  Actually, you didn’t quite know where you were.  Hopes Peak Academy, right?  No, it couldn’t be; the only thing that was happening was the regular sight of a dead body and the rest of the class doing their own “investigation” as it was called.  Toku was on the floor, in shock and out cold due to the sight of blood, and Byakuya was waiting impatiently for her to get off the floor, arms crossed and that obnoxious sophisticated look on his face.  Kyoko and Makoto were thoroughly checking each and every corner like actual detectives.  Sakura and Ashihina were bustling this way and that, trying to offer help wherever they felt needed.  Yasuhiro was... doing absolutely nothing, as usual.

To set the record straight you never disliked any of your classmates; sure, some aggravated you, but there was never any reason to hate them.  And there was certainly never any reason for you to kill anyone either.  But Yasuhiro annoyed you on a whole other level.  He was lazy, unkempt, and not to mention 21 years old!  Why was he still in high school?  You had to think back to the first day you meet him, when he told you that he swindled a yakuza leader’s daughter out of her money and then had to keep running, forcing him to repeat three grades.  Idiotic.  Simply ridiculous.  

The thought made you roll your eyes at him.  He was just so foolish it bothered you; but most of all, it bothered you how the others treated him.  Sure, he was gullible and not too bright, but he was still a person.  You looked back at him and gave a melancholic sigh that he just so happened to catch you in the act of.  

He set down his glass ball and made his way over to you.  “Hey, (y/n) I predicted that you would be sad about something.  Talk to me.”  He put his hand on your shoulder and gave one of his idiotic smiles.  No, no you couldn’t tell him what you were thinking, it would crush his heart.  “I-It’s nothing Hiro” you replied using his nickname.  “You sure?” he questioned, leaning close to your face, causing it to tint red, your checks to heat up, and perspiration to occur.  “Hey, you’re all red.  You feeling okay?”  Wow, he’s an even bigger fool than you thought.  Before you could answer he grabbed your hand and dragged you down the hall, “If you’re sick you should get rest.”  

You could only shake your head.  Oh please make him stop, it wasn’t just embarrassing it was depressing.  Watching him bumble about as a fool, it just killed you inside.  “I’m fine, honestly” but this didn’t stop him, he continued to pull you toward the dorms.  But because he didn’t think about asking you for your key he, instead, went to his room and forced you to lay down in his bed.  It couldn’t possibly get anymore awkward you though as he pulled the blankets over you and gave another one of his idiotic smiles.  After he turned off the lights he turned back to face you, that grin on his face, “I’ll check up on you later, darling.”

“Darling!” you said in a loud whisper after he shut the door.  As curious as you were, you didn’t think you could bring yourself to look around his room, but it was visible that his room was adorn with occult and other things of that nature.  “So much for the occult being crap as he puts it” you thought aloud.  There was nothing but fortune telling material from tarot cards to a crystal ball and not a single normal thing in sight.  No pictures of bands, or skate boarders or girls or anything for that matter, just useless fortune telling items.

That was the last straw; you couldn’t bear to see him act like a moron any longer.  You had to tell him no matter how much it hurt.  Just as you finished your thought the door swung open, in came Yasuhiro with a large glass of orange liquid and a bowl of something steaming, the aroma filled your nose.  It smelled amazing and you were a bit hungry.  It wouldn’t do any harm to eat before telling him the truth, right?  “Hey, I thought you might be hungry, actually I predicted it.” There was that stupid grin again.  Why was he doing this to you?  Didn’t he know what an idiot he was?  

“Actually um” he started, “I predicted something else, but…” he paused and scratched the back of his neck.  “I-I um” he stuttered.  Out with it already.  You gestured for him to keep talking, “Yes?” you asked, irritated.  Without a moment’s hesitation and sweat dripping down his face, he wrapped his arms around your back, pulled you directly in front of his face, and smashed his lips into yours.  However, this only lasted a few mere seconds, but it was still enough to leave you speechless.

“I predicted that.” He face was bright pink, “Actually it wasn’t a prediction”, he confessed, “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now” He wouldn’t look you directly in the eye; was he embarrassed?  Was Yasuhiro really embarrassed?  No, this couldn’t be.  How could this man, this fool possibly be embarrassed over kissing a girl?  “Cause, I really like you (y/n).” He then sighed, awfully melancholic, and stood up to leave.

Before he could, you grabbed his hand gently, “No.” You managed to say after a few seconds of silence, “I don’t want you to go.”  Unbelievable, were you falling for him?  Yes, you were, and you couldn’t change that.  He gave one of his stupid grins.  “I know I’m not the best looking, or the smartest, or well, good at anything.  But I really like you” he spoke with little confidence but it was just enough to get the message through.  He then pulled you into his chest, his warm breathe warming your lungs.  “I actually love you” he added.  To this you could only smile
Yasuhiro x Reader (Danganronpa) A Prediction
I did this one quickly, I thought it was pretty cute so um, enjoy.
Ah, um, hello.  I'm a newer writer, but my work is quite good.  I will be writing a fanfic (with any character of your choice or even your own character) or a oneshot for only two points for the first three people.  However, please be aware that I don't write lemons, limes, NSFW, henti, yuri, yaio, ecchii, um sorry.  Sometimes I'll have to do some research that might take me longer but I usually finish within 2-3 days.  So please contact me for more information and um... that's it.  Thank you for your time.
Ah, um, hello.  I'm a newer writer, but my work is quite good.  I will be writing a fanfic (with any character of your choice or even your own character) or a oneshot for only two points for the first three people.  However, please be aware that I don't write lemons, limes, NSFW, henti, yuri, yaio, ecchii, um sorry.  Sometimes I'll have to do some research that might take me longer but I usually finish within 2-3 days.  So please contact me for more information and um... that's it.  Thank you for your time.


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I'm really boring, but I do a lot of volnteer work and lots of child care. I really do my best to do everything right, but um perfection is really hard to obtain when you are working toward Death the Kid status. I also love animals and pets. I have a dog, cat, and fish, and I love any dog (even ones like Inu Yasha) or cat or fish. I'm really into anime, my favriot is Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood, I'm actually a villain supporter most of the time, but sometimes they just bug me, so I'm more in between. I love lots of different Manga and Anime: FMA brotherhood, Inuyasha, Death note, Soul Eater, Hayte the combate butler, Fruits basket, Pokemon, Wedding Peach, Petshop of Horrors, and I know a little bit about Black Butler, I guess I like stuff a lot of people like. I ramble a lot and I'm a little crazy but ignor that haha. I'm a very bad artist, but I keep working at it, I have to use a lot of drawing lessons but photography is very easy for me, I would post more animal photos than anything. Thanks for vistiting my page.

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