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neon blue by friends-are-4ever

Its very simple, but in the good way. I've never seen anything like this, just the word neon in neon. I love how both N's are bolted do...


It was snowing; hard, cold, wet, uncomfortable snow.  You could see your breath in the chilly crisp air.  The sky was a gloomy gray, it almost looked as if there would be a snow storm.  The houses were decorated with tacky snowmen made out of bright lights and plastic reindeer with red glowing noses.  There were light up penguins, poorly made polar bears and phony presents a plenty.  Strings of lights and icicles dangled from the rooftops of houses.

What a magical sight; is what most people would say.  You, however, had another opinion.  “I hate Christmas,” you muttered, a wisp of air forming in the sky.  You shivered and hugged yourself as you stared blankly at the lights.  “I hate Christmas,” you spoke just a bit louder than before, for you knew no one would hear you.  While you watched happy families opening gifts and hugging each other from the windows you could only look in disgust and remember why exactly you hated Christmas.

Wasn’t Christmas supposed to be a magical time?  Potentially, it could have been; if it weren’t for your lack of family.  You were a small country that belonged to no one.  Ever since you were born you had celebrated Christmas alone.  No gifts, no hugs, no kissing under the mistletoe; nothing.  Of course this wasn’t the way you wished it to be; you longed for the hug and a kiss from a loved one and (even it was small) a gift to be excited about causing you to get no sleep the night prior.  A childish dream; nonetheless, you hoped it would come true.  

“Just for once.  Let me have Christmas,” you looked up to the sky, begging for some sort of miracle as a single tear ran down your cheek.  Just when you thought all hope was lost your phone rang, letting out a symphony of mellow music.

“Hello?”  You inquired, trying to hide the fact that you were crying.  “Hey, hey (y/n), come over to my house okay?”  A spunky voice replied, “Hurry up or you’ll miss the party!”  You hesitated; sure, you wanted to spend Christmas with someone.  But you didn’t want to intrude on someone else’s Christmas to fulfill your own desires.  “Hello?  (Y/N)?”  The voice questioned.  No, don’t hesitate; you thought as you shook yourself out of your daze.  “I-I’d love to, Italy” you quickly replied.  “Yay!  Come over as soon as you can, okay belle?”  The line then went dead.

“What have I gotten myself into,” you thought aloud for you had never gone to a Christmas party much less celebrated Christmas.  What were you supposed to do?  Were you supposed to bring something?  Were you suppose to wear something special?  These questions made your head spin.  “Oh, what do I do?”

“Well,” you looked up at the snowing sky and sighed, watching the wisp of air disappear, “There’s no time like the present to make a fool of yourself.  You then swallowed your pride and made your way to Italy’s house.

As you approached the house you began to realize something strange; it was quiet, too quiet.  Isn’t it normally noisy at parties?  You expected to hear France and England bickering, America’s obnoxious laughter, Poland’s loud bragging, the Baltics’ cowering, or Russia’s ominous presence.  It was completely silent.  It was almost eerie.  You curiously and cautiously knocked on the door.  “Italy, it’s me,” you called out nervously, fiddling with your fingers.

  Within seconds the door flew open, “Belle!”  Italy threw his arms around you, swinging you around, and then pulling you into the house.  He was so ecstatic almost as if no one else came to his party.  And that’s because no one had.  The sight baffled and quite frankly disturbed you.

“U-Um Italy?” You asked as he celebrated the arrival of a guest by gathering food and shoving it in your face.  “Yeah belle?”  You could tell something was off about him and it was clear as day.  “Where is everyone; I thought this was a party?”  You asked innocently.  Alas, no matter how innocent your question was, he began to cry.  

You weren’t sure what to do; why ever was he crying?  You looked around at the table full of delicious smelling pastas and other foods, the Christmas tree that was completely bare with ordainments scattered on the floor, and a large pile of unopened gifts.  Then it hit you; no one had come to his party but you. The very thought of him being alone made your heart shatter and, something else.  You felt so similar, you understood his pain.  With no other options left you brought him into a tight hug and whispered comforting statements such as: “Everything is going to be alright,” and, “I’m here for you.”  This process repeated for about another twenty minutes until Italy spoke up.

“It isn’t fair,” he cried, “Why am I so alone?”  He hugged you tighter, “I’m lonely,” he wiped his tears on your scarf.  “Why am I alone on Christmas?”  He asked through his tears.  He hugged you even tighter and burrowed his head in your hair.  You frowned and saw tears forming in your own eyes; no one should ever be alone on Christmas.

“I’ll be here Italy, and I won’t leave,” you snuggled into his chest, “Because no one should be alone on Christmas.  Neither of us.”  He looked up at you, his eyes glittering, his lips forming into a smile, his hand moving gently toward your cheek and laying it to rest there.  “I never knew Christmas was so lonely for you too.”

He stroked your cheek as he moved closer to your face causing you to turn bright red and your heart to beat rapidly, you could almost taste his lips.  “I’m never going to let you spend Christmas alone again.”  A wide smile grew upon your face and your hands intertwined with his.  This was the start of a new Christmas, no, more like a whole new world.
(Italy x Reader) A Not So Lonely Christmas
I am deeply disappointed in myself.  I thought this would turn out better.  Oh well, here it is.  This is for a Christmas writing contest.
As most of you know the holidays are just right around the corner.  I'll be trying to do as many Christmas reader inserts as I can.  What would you like to see out of me?
I want to take a minute and wish everyone a happy, safe, and enjoyable Thanksgiving.
“The sea was wet as wet could be.  The sands were dry as dry.”  You recited as you walked the shore.  It was true.  The sand was dry, but not dry; moist would be a better word as it had just rained.  That smell had pultruded the ocean air.  That smell that happens after the rain.  The clean smell; yet it wasn’t clean.  The street the lay adjacent to the beach make the asphalt smell dreadful.  The waves crashed with slightly more power than usually.  The water even seemed a bit irritated, as it was crashing with force; like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming, beating the sand.  The palm trees were swaying slightly in the breeze as they reached up high to the gray dark sky that threatened rain once more.

However, this had failed to bother you.  You could walk for miles upon the damp sand and be perfectly content.  Everything was at peace in your world as you strode down the sand barefoot, shoes and socks in hand.  And, best of all, there was absolutely no one at the beach (The storm must have frightened them off.)  

Unfortunately, Kid’s world was not peaceful.  He seemed distracted, no, that’s not the right word; more like anxious.  He continually looked around at the desolate environment.  He kept turning his head left to right, then left to right again, without pause.  Whatever was he looking for?  You though, your attention on him.  “Hey, Kid?”  You put your hands on his shoulders, attempting to distract him from whatever was bothering him.  “What’s up?”  

You were used to him freaking out, but not matter how many times he had a panic attack over something stupid, (Like a painting leaning 3 cm to the right) you always worried.  You had always felt attached to Kid; there was something deeper to your friendship.  Was it love?  No, no it couldn’t be.  Why ever would you think it was love?  You shook the thought out of your head before your cheeks turned pink.  You then returned your attention back to Kid.  “Okay, Kid, you have to talk to me.”  He continued to panic, in fact, it turned into a full on freak out.  “Kid come on!”  You begged, beginning to get irritated.  “Why is it always like this when you and I go on a mission together?”  You inquired quite frustrated.  He had been like this from the day you two first met.

It was a day, much like the present day.  In fact, it was almost identical.  The weather was dreary and dark.  The wind was howling.  The trees were dancing and swaying to the winds song.  A perfect day in your eyes.  It was just perfect: the weather, the air, and the new school that you had just enrolled in.  The DWMA, Death Weapon Mister Academy.  It was a dream come true.  What could possibly make it better?  Well, Black Star sure didn’t.  After challenging you, the new kid, to a fight that you were not prepared for, you ended up out cold with a bloody nose and a black eye.

Your eyes slowly fluttered open, the light was simply agitating.  You quickly moved your hands to shield your face.  “Where am I?”  You moaned, your head pulsating.  “In the infirmary, don’t get up.”  A voice demanded yet simultaneously seemed concerned.  Hovering over you was a boy, around 15, with jet black hair excluding the three white strips on one side.  His eyes were honey yellow with a tint of black.  His tall thin frame was enough to make any girl blush.  Which was exactly what you were doing.  “Your face is red.”  He pointed out bluntly yet he didn’t seem to know why.  “Black Star hit you pretty hard,” he sighed in aggravation and shook his head, “That fool, beating a harmless girl.”  

“Anyways,” he dropped the subject, “An exciting way to start your first day,” he gave you a small smile.  That smile was just enough to make any girl blush even harder; which is exactly what you did.  “You must have a fever,” he gracefully put the back on his hand on your forehead.  “Hmm.”  He nodded to himself and turned around, “I’m going to get the nurse.  Stay here.”  He then began to depart to another room, but before he did he turned toward you and smiled, “By the way, my name is Death the Kid.  I’m Lord Death’s son.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

From that moment on you swore you had fallen in love with the grim reaper’s son; you would do anything to get his attention again.  Anything.  Yet, it was a futile effort, no matter what you did he simply wouldn’t notice you.  What made him notice you in the first place?  That question always phased through your mind.  Perhaps the first time was just pity, not attraction for he simply regarded you as one of his best friends.

“(Y/n)?  (Y/n)!”  Cried a hysterical voice, “Please, (y/n) come to your sense!”  You shook your head awake.  “Yes Kid?”  You answered without haste.  “We need to leave now,” he commanded whilst pulling your hand forcefully.  “What is it this time Kid?”  You asked, obviously quite irritated for this was the third time this mission he said he had to leave.  “Something is asymmetrical, I can feel it!”  There were tears in his eye, you did not pity those tears for you had seen them far too often and you had had just about enough.

“Why are you like this all the time?”  You snapped, pushing him onto the damp sand.  “Come on, something needs fixing!”  He plead on his hand and knees.  “You know what needs fixing Kid?  You!”  What did you just say?  That was horrible!  “Kid, I’m so sorry I did mean that.”  Too late, he had already began tearing up.  

“Is that how you feel about me, (y/n)?”  He asked quite depressed as he tried to hold back more tears.  “Am I really that annoying?”  He stood up and looked down upon you.  You could practically hear his heart breaking in two.  “I’m only trying to impress you!”  He screamed, throwing his hands up in the air, finally losing and breaking down.  He was only trying to impress you and you said that?

“Kid?”  You asked hesitantly.  “Yes?”  He had stopped crying now, but was solemn and slightly irritated.  “I’ve been trying to impress you.”  You chuckled awkwardly, scratching the back of your head.  He looked down at you, his eye’s piercing into yours.  “That’s…”  He paused, his eyes then began to glitter.  “Wonderful!”  He cried out, scoping you into his strong arms and spinning you around whilst kissing your all over your face.
How Annoying! (Death the Kid x Reader)
A quick little story for darkzombie18.  I wish it was better.  Sorry
I just believe everyone should be nice to each other.  Humans shouldn't need to put others down to feel better about themselves.  I'm sorry I can only write reader inserts.  I've tried other mediums, I have I swear.  I couldn't do it.  So, forgive me.  But more on the point.  Be nice to each other; because we're all we have.  We need to show each other compassion.  I'm sorry, this rant is over.  On the plus side of life; a fun fact.  Did you know cats' ears move independently?  They can hear what's going on behind them and in front of them.  Cats are cool man.


Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United States
I'm really boring, but I do a lot of volnteer work and lots of child care. I really do my best to do everything right, but um perfection is really hard to obtain when you are working toward Death the Kid status. I also love animals and pets. I have a dog, cat, and fish, and I love any dog (even ones like Inu Yasha) or cat or fish. I'm really into anime, my favriot is Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood, I'm actually a villain supporter most of the time, but sometimes they just bug me, so I'm more in between. I love lots of different Manga and Anime: FMA brotherhood, Inuyasha, Death note, Soul Eater, Hayte the combate butler, Fruits basket, Pokemon, Wedding Peach, Petshop of Horrors, and I know a little bit about Black Butler, I guess I like stuff a lot of people like. I ramble a lot and I'm a little crazy but ignor that haha. I'm a very bad artist, but I keep working at it, I have to use a lot of drawing lessons but photography is very easy for me, I would post more animal photos than anything. Thanks for vistiting my page.

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